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Scrap Metal Recycling

At AJT Recycling Limited, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service to Swansea and the surrounding areas. Our professional team is always eager to assist and provide advice on recycling scrap metal to our valued customers. This comes regardless of whether they are a business or an individual. If you require immediate assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing reliable scrap metal services to meet your needs.

Scrap Metal Collection

We can also offer the flexibility of collecting your scrap metal directly from your property or site. This option is available alongside those who prefer to deliver their waste to us. Once we receive your scrap metal, we use our advanced electronic weighing system to accurately determine the weight and value of your materials.

Metals That AJT Recycle

AJT Recycling Limited collects a range of scrap metal to take it off your hands. This includes:


There are many benefits to recycling scrap metal. Doing so helps to conserve natural resources, reduce consumption of energy and therefore, decrease greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also beneficial to recycle metal to lessen the amount that ends up as landfill waste.

After scrap metal is collected, sorted and processed, the metal is melted down and can be used to create new products such as cans, building materials and automotive parts.

Yes, businesses can benefit from scrap metal recycling. Recycling earns you money from the sale of your scrap and also reduces your waste disposal costs.

How much money you can earn from scrap metal recycling depends on the type and quantity of the metal you recycle. It also depends on the current market prices for the metal.


Another fun fact!

A tin can will decompose in about 50 years since it’s composed of flimsier metal. An aluminum can, however, can take up to 200 to 500 years to decompose. All the more reason to recycle cans.

Customer Reviews

Nick J

“Excellent service from first phone call to collecting the vehicle. Prompt payment, even phoned me back to check my details when the payment wouldn’t go through. Thoroughly recommend this company.”


Joanne G

“Fast and friendly service with best prices in the area. Paid instantly into my account. Would highly recommended AJT and will definitely be using again in the future.”


Al E

“Excellent service. Immediate price, collection and money in my bank within 20 mins of collection. Cannot fault.”


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