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Signs It’s Time To Scrap Your Car

Cars Scrapped

Making the decision to scrap your car is usually a simple one. You’ll probably know when the time comes that it’s best to cut your losses rather than go through the rigmarole of selling it on. If you’re not sure what to look out for, then read on for signs that you should get it scrapped.


One of the most common reasons drivers get vehicles scrapped is when it’s an insurance ‘write off’. This is when it’s obtained too much damage compared to it’s worth or is damaged beyond repair.

Ageing Damage

If your vehicle starts to exhibit excessive signs of ageing, then it’s time to scrap your car. While small spots of corrosion can be easily fixed, rusting in many places can be hard to keep up with. When rust has spread through the body and frame of the car, then it’s probably time to consider getting it scrapped as not many people will be interested in it’s sale.

Car on transporter

Repairs Bills Exceeding Value

If services and MOTs always uncover issues and you always find yourself paying out for large repair bills, it may be time to scrap your car. Vehicles can lose value very quickly, so it’s always good to weigh up whether all these repairs are worth it. If you feel like there’s always a problem or the garage bill is much more than the car’s value, then it may not be worth getting it fixed or paying it. It will be more cost effective to invest in a new vehicle rather than pouring money into a sinking ship.

Failed Emissions Test

More and more towns and cities are penalising vehicles that have poor emissions. If your vehicle keeps failing emissions tests, then it might be time to upgrade. This type of issue can be damning, and you might struggle to find a willing buyer. It’s time to scrap your car when this happens.

Car on transporter

Old Models

If you have a very old car, the chances are that it lacks the basic safety standards of today’s modern standards. There’s no use in having it deteriorate on a driveway or in a garage. Scrap your car today if it is not deemed safe or roadworthy.

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